short-form privacy notice

This short-form privacy notice highlights how Chick-fil-A, Inc., its affiliates, subsidiaries and related entities (“Chick-fil-A” or “we”) access, collect, use and share the information about you when you use the Chick-fil-A Application (collectively the “App”). We collect your information directly from you when you provide information to the App, automatically through the App (such as through cookies, web beacons, other tracking technologies, or social media platforms) or from others (such as your friends and family, our Franchised Operators and Licensees or other third parties). Please read our full Privacy Policy to find more information which includes Your California Privacy Rights.

By using this Chick-fil-A App, I agree that Chick-fil-A may collect the information above and share it with third parties pursuant to Chick-fil-A’s Privacy Policy and agree to Chick-fil-A, Inc.’s Terms & Conditions of Use and Chick-fil-A One Terms & Conditions.

Unique Identifiers

This includes your account ID and a unique series of numbers and letters assigned to your device to help us improve future user experiences, target marketing and prevent fraud on your account.

Geo-Location (GPS, Wi-Fi, or user-entered)

We use and analyze your location information we collect from you and your device: (1) to respond to your requests to find nearby restaurants; (2) to confirm the restaurant location for your mobile orders; (3) to offer promotions; (4) to manage online delivery, meal pickup, drive-through orders; and/or (5) for other purposes we disclose to you when we ask for your permission.

Mobile Phone Number

When shared with us, your mobile number (if needed) is used to make sure your order gets to you and to verify your order.

Email Address

To send you information regarding your order and receipts, to communicate with you, including sending you our marketing emails, or to verify your identity.

User’s Name

Your name so that we can customize our messages to you and identify you when picking up an order.

Financial & Payment Information

Financial and payment information (including gift, credit, and debit cards and other digital payment methods) to process your orders, keep track of your mobile payments and orders, prevent fraud and perform analytics.

Usage Data

Usage data and interactive events to improve the functionality of the App and our products and services.

Information Security

We seek to keep your personal information secure by implementing reasonable safeguards. To learn more, please refer to the “Information Security” section of the Privacy Policy.

California Privacy Rights

California consumers have certain rights. For example, you may request access to or deletion of your information under California law. Please see the “Your California Privacy Rights” section of the Privacy Policy to learn more about your privacy rights.

Information Sharing

We share your information with third parties to complete your order, to provide our products and services, for purposes described in the “How We Use Your Information” section of the Privacy Policy (such as our own marketing and analytics purposes), or with your consent.


For further information, you may contact us using any of the methods described in the “Contact Us” section of the Privacy Policy.  For example, you can contact us by visiting the website at

By using this Chick-fil-A App, I agree that Chick-fil-A may collect the information above and share it with third parties pursuant to Chick-fil-A’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.